Are you a business owner with a great vision,

challenged with some life or business situation,
that is greatly hindering your performance?

Ready to turn the situation into your advantage
and leap forward to the success you desire?


Have you reached a level of success, but in some situation you feel like driving a car with the parking brake on?

It can be:

  • some project where all looks that should work, but no matter how hard you try, nothing seems to be really moving forward?
  • some important relationship where you would like to cooperate in a way that everyone benefits, but despite all efforts it fails?
  • your time for your life that is always sacrificed for your business, despite you want to have more private life.
  •  the decisions you need to take, that are not letting you sleep peacefully
  • or something else, that is  not letting you breathe freely ?

So various cases, but all have roots deeper in subconscious dynamics, and that’s why working just on the surface, does not lead to the solution. 
By shifting these “invisible” dynamics, the situation can release, and unexpected, and even much broader solutions can appear.

It is about hidden - "invisible" connections

Lots in our life is connected. Our mind, body, emotions, spirit and relationships are connected and mutually influence one another. The connections are often hidden, not obvious. 

Our business and our life are connected and strongly influence each other – by entrepreneurs and business owners even more – and usually this is not obvious. 

Often the imbalance shows up in one area, while the origin may be completely different, which is not visible on the outside, but below the surface, there are strong connections. 

If just the area of the most obvious imbalance (symptom) is addressed,
despite the enormous effort, the changes may be negligible. 


And that’s also why some TEAM, despite all the efforts, can not work efficiently, or a PROJECT, where all looks that should be working, is stuck. The root of the symptom is on another level, hidden and working just on “the surface” does not lead to the desired outcome.

What we do, when one reports about such or similar situation? 

For the beginning, we review what is truly going on in the situation, behind the most visible and obvious  and lead one to uncover hidden aspects of the challenge.

We define then steps that will allow the greatest shifts in the desired direction in the shortest time possible. Usually it is a combination of deep dynamic sessions  that lead to more clarity, and action steps after the sessions, that allow change to happen. 

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SERVICES for business owners and their companies

Inner Path
to success

For a life and business based on your inner strengths

Resolving the unresolved

We lead you to find unique solutions in complex situations.

The strength of a connected team

Intensive support to increase the efficiency of teamwork

Employee Satisfaction

Employee empowerment that empowers all the company

The power of the individual

Individual support for unleashing ones potential

Inner Path To Success

For a life & business based on your inner strengths

You probably want your business performance to inspire you and give you the zest for a satisfying and fulfilled private life as well.

However, despite the desire and effort in this direction, this is not always the case. There may be invisible, hidden dynamics behind,  that can strongly hinder the performance. 

The good news is: any such a situation can be an opportunity for you, to step even more into your power and be more of who you truly are. 

The more you are in touch with yourself, with your inner strengths, the easier you can find ways forward in this and also in other challenges and situations.

This is your strength – a strength that is much stronger than you can even imagine.

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Solution of the Unresolved

We lead you to find unique solutions in complex situations

Do you have a situation in your company or private life that you cannot and cannot resolve? Maybe even such that haunts you from day to day,  does not let you sleep peacefully and that you can’t enjoy in things that you like to do? It can be a complex relationship in which you can not find a constructive path, threatening business situation, illness or a hard time of someone you love, some difficult decision you have to make… or a different, specific situation ?

We help you find your solutions that will allow you to breathe freely and move forward with more ease . . .  and be the support to those you love even more. 

The strength of a connected team

Intensive support to increase the efficiency of teamwork

A well-functioning team can achieve more than a group of geniuses in the same field, however, rare “teams” really take the advantage that a well-connected team can have.

Are you ready to explore the dynamics of your team, discover and unleash hidden, as yet untapped powers? Are you willing to find and establish ways of cooperation that will inspire your team members, and enable you all to achieve what you secretly know you could?

We support business owners & their teams, who are willing to cooperate and explore their potentials, and then also take the necessary steps to make the uncovered possibility a reality.

Moč pravega tima

Employee Satisfaction

Satisfied employees create a stronger company

Are your employees proud to be a part of your company? Are they inspired by working there?

Are they in good relationships with each other? How do they communicate with each other?

And outwardly,  how do they communicate with customers and business partners?

What would it mean to you, if communication in your company went (even) better and if conflicts were resolved in a constructive way?

What would it mean to you to know that you have employees who are really satisfied to be part of your business because it adds value to their entire lives?

The power of an Individual

Unleashing ones potential can uplift all the organisation

Do you have a co-worker who is talented in his field, but fails to express this to the extent he knows he could? He wants progress, he is trying hard, he looks for ways, but nothing truly works as he desires?

Is he willing to look deeper what might be behind and find a way that would allow him to unleash his potential and truly express his excelence?

 Are you willing to allow him to find ways to reach his full potential at work?

Moč posameznika

Eva Ferjan

a psychologist and executive clarity coach who leads business owners and executives to shift so that instead of draining energies, there are growing synergies. With her work she enables subtle but powerful shifts in companies on several levels – from individual subconscious patterns, unfolding the dynamics of certain relationships, unraveling of a team or collective dynamics,  and also the unconscious dynamic of ones or team performance. 

Success is satisfaction along the way, the peak is just “cherry on the cake”, the path is the cake…. is what she stands for.

What is the challenge you are facing, that you would like to have more clarity, ease and approach it with more confidence and power?

Would you like to be supported to find the most beneficial path or solution

in the shortest time possible? Let us know!

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Eva Ferjan - more about

My approach is integration of:

Advantages of working with me (one on one)

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When working with companies, with teams

A bit about me personally

What is the challenge you are facing, that you would like to have more clarity, ease and approach it with more confidence and power?

Would you like to be supported to find the most beneficial path or solution in the shortest time possible? Let us know!

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