Team meetings have been tedious, now I’m looking forward to them

The regular weekly team meetings were annoying. They dragged on, we spent a lot of time and almost didn’t come to any conclusion or step further. Waste of time. They are different now, and I even enjoy them and I look forward to them. They finally made sense and more and we are coming to more and more agreements and then we also execute them. Thanks Eva, crazy, I never imagined that after three meetings and not even with everyone, it could be such a change.

Tina, Project Manager

In desperation, I thought I would fire all my employees, but now it’s better than ever

Eva was introduced to me by a colleague, when I was completely desperate over my little team of employees. Anger was growing in me, and I actually doubted that “teambuilding” could help, but my colleague told me to consult Eva anyway. When I first spoke with Eva, I was even more surprised that she wanted to meet just with me – one on one –  first, and for sure not with my team. 

We’ve met, not just once, three times and I felt like a new perspective on life opened up to me, not just on my business, team and co-workers. I saw my company and employees in a completely different perspective and without Eva even meeting them, things in the company started to be set up differently, much better. I became different – more determined, clearer, more confident, and co-workers began to behave differently to me and my company. I don’t know how to describe it, but everything got easier for me, all was more in flow. 

After a while, we did also a “team building”  – actually a meeting with all my employees in nature. There, through a kind of team outdoor games, and Eva’s guidance, other topics of our cooperation opened up and we felt safe to talk about them. We connected there differently – as human beings and as coworkers.  

SInce that time I have much more trust in my team, and  it is much easier for me to rely on them.  It became much easier for me to think about my company, I am also more relaxed in my private life. I have kept all the employees, although I used to think that I would like to fire everyone and keep just a part of the business that I can do on my own. We are doing now  better than ever, and our relationships are better than they have ever been.

Lidija, entrepreneur

Kje začeti

We begun to talk about things that we all suppressed inside

I came to a team building skeptical. We already had so many team buildings. There was usually something interesting to impress us, but in the company the next day everything was the same.

Here I was surprised by Eva’s approach and from the beginning Eva’s “perseverance to look beyond the obvious”. It was basically fun, especially fun when she showed us how we are collectively pretending that everything is OK, while it is obvious that is not as it was agreed. Through the outdoor games, she showed us how we want to escape from a situation that is not pleasant for us – but it was exactly where we had a great opportunity.

We begun to talk about things that we all suppressed inside us and we started talking less and listening more. The walls between us collapsed and we laid the groundwork for different conversations in the company.

We are talking differently in the company now. We’ve made a lot of moves and I have to say I’ve loved going to work before, but now I’m going with even more enthusiasm because I see that we’re really succeeding.

Matej,  IT consultant, team manager

I am trying less hard, and my work is more acknowledged

I was already thinking about changing my job. I didn’t feel accepted, I was on the sidelines the whole time, not enough appreciated, and I felt like no matter how hard I try, no one sees my contribution. I came to Eva with the intention to clarify what I really wanted – to start my own business or find some other job. After a few individual sessions, I perceive myself completely differently. I stayed in the same company doing the same job. Yeah, I stayed here. And I am accepted and appreciated, I try less and others see and acknowledge my work more. I’m in a job I almost left and now I like it. I didn’t even know the key to everything was in me! Well, at home too, there is a positive change in the relationship with my boyfriend – and we haven’t even worked on that – just I became different. 

Katarina, designer and creative manager

I thought no one would look at me anymore, but the opposite happened

At work, I was strong, important, smart, and most others, my subordinates, were worse than me. At least I thought so. But I was waking up at night, I couldn’t sleep, my heart was pounding more and more and sometimes I even had panic attacks. I was getting more and more exhausted.

At home, there were quarrels on a daily basis. My wife repeatedly threatened me with divorce. I thought that was the cause of my stress, but everything else was OK at work, so I devoted even more time to work.

Thanks to our director for making this coaching possible for me. From the beginning, I was avoiding as much as I could. Eva put me in front of the fact – either I continue seriously or we end immediately. I was really on the thread – “should I stay or should I go” and fortunately decided for a serious approach.

From that day on, I started to look at myself differently. Something fell off me. I began to see others and the world around me, I began to see co-workers as co-workers, and no more as my subordinates. It became awful for me to have been like that to them before and I am grateful to Eva for supporting me for not going the old way further with all the same feelings.

I thought no one would even want to look at me anymore, but the opposite happened. My coworkers got closer to me and it became easier for me at work – but I didn’t think it was difficult before. Also conversations with my wife have changed, all became easier.

I can’t describe in words, just that, the armor fell off me and I became more human. I like myself more, my life is more relaxed and I have better relationships. I am infinitely grateful to the director for almost forcing me into this coaching and of course to Eva for allowing me such a change and standing by my side even when I almost gave up on myself.

Marko, IT manager

I finally did what I thought is best for me

I came to the meeting because I wanted to solve the chaos in the relationship or at least clarify what was going on.
 We quickly found out that the main problem stems from the family – the relationship with the mother.

This is not a usual approach. Eva really dedicates herself to you. In addition to a well-conducted conversation that really gives you an insight into yourself, something is also happening on the energy level. I don’t know what, but you feel the tension and weight you carry within you just dissolve.

I came to the meeting with the thought that I was really at an unenviable point in life and that everything was very difficult, but I left full of energy and with the realization that only a new beginning awaited me. That would be necessary for me much sooner, but before I didn’t have the courage for something like that

After the meeting, I had so much strength that I turned my life upside down and finally did what I felt was best for me. Whenever it was hard for me and I had a feeling I wouldn’t be able to, Eva was there for me on the phone, which gave me the extra strength not to give up.

The duties were the same, but I was different

I visited Eva because of the situation in the business (my company), in which I was trying very hard, but there was no significant progress.

At first I was surprised how the meeting went on, as instead of talking about business, she led me to observe my feelings and I don’t even know how, but suddenly the conversation was about my completely personal matters, which I didn’t even know I was carrying as a heavy burden within me. It was weird, but with her approach, I felt safe so I could fully trust the process. She led me to face the situation, relieve all the tensions and after a while I felt as if a heavy rock had fallen off me.

I left the meeting light-hearted, relaxed, hard to describe, but different.

In the days that followed, I noticed changes – not only in business, but in other areas of life as well. The easiest way to describe it is like it started all anew. I became more confident, more determined, more innovative because I felt much freer inside. The obligations remained the same, but I was different and approached them in a completely different way. I approached business partners differently, I was more specific in negotiating and our cooperation moved to a different, higher level.

 Tatiana, enterpreneur

I found the content more than useful so for my work as well as in my personal life

Basically … I really liked the outdoor workshop for our team. We discussed topics that we encounter on a daily basis. We work so much automatically and your guidance has opened my eyes to the actual extension of this. It’s true, we have to look at the bigger picture – too often I don’t ask enough questions and thus I don’t see the whole picture or hear others.

The topic of the workshop was lik it was  “done for me” (I don’t know how else to express it.) In fact, I found the content more than useful for my work as well as in my  personal life.

We also had great weather conditions so all the program went on in nature, in the fresh air and sun. And that is what has added extra value. Outdoor activities and workshops. I don’t know if I would draw the same from the seminar, if we had the whole program in some meeting room / hall.

Darja, head of quality control

When you let go the learned school YES / NO responses, a different perspective may show up for you

Eva, thank you, a praise for a great education you did for our management team. 

All three topics were very good and very necessary for us to discuss them in our team. It is just a week and they already contribute to our daily communication .

I liked the topic about questions, where so far I felt like I was expected to give an immediate  answer, which often put me in an awkward situation. I realized that when you forget the learned school YES / NO etc responses and allow sometimes the question to just stay the question, you can come up with a different perspective and ideas that you didn’t even know were possible.

I enjoyed the topic about the Stories the most, because we are facing them every day and we make our own conclusions, without understanding that someone can be looking at the situation differently than you. However, I want to have as many storytellers in my environment as possible, talking about new possibilities and opportunities, happiness and success. Here you can free your imagination. Yet there is never just one way or just one answer.

Beyond emotions – it was the most difficult, but also a very necessary topic for me. It has opened up many burning internal issues (conflicts)… that should not be put “under the rug”.

Mary, sales manager

I had a fear of doing a Live Stream on Facebook...

I decided to work with Eva because I had a fear of doing a Live Stream on Facebook. 

No matter what I did, I couldn’t shake this dread.

In one session, Eva lovingly guided me through a process that honoured my feelings and fear
and helped me move the fear energy out of my body and allow confident energy in. 

I can’t explain what happened exactly; all I know is that now I can do Live broadcasts on Facebook
and connect more authentically with my future clients.

Thanks, Eva, for opening up my world! 

I wholeheartedly recommend Eva for any situation you feel stuck.

Krista, enterpreneur

I became a new version of me, with some ease I knew just from my early childhood

I met you just at the right moment, when all in my life was falling apart. WIth my wife we already agreed about the divorce, my son had health issues, and I was already there, to give up or sell my business, as I felt it is all just a huge burden on me. 

At the first moment I was sceptical, when you told me that the solution for all is in me. I was in  indecision and resistance, trying to find logical reasons to say no to you. But on the other hand I felt it was my great opportunity, and I felt some trust in you, so I decided to work with you. 

Already the first session was a huge turn around for me. I felt like got rid of a heavy blanket that was protecting me to see what was going on. It was not easy for me to see, but it was so clear, and you were such a support for me there, that I allowed myself to see and acknowledge the truth to me. I felt a ton lighter. I went home feeling like I became a new version of me, with some ease I knew just from my early childhood. I hugged my wife and tears fell off me. She was different to me, as I was so different, it felt similar like we began with our relationship but much deeper. . We began to talk, discuss also things we did not talk about all 13 years before. Our son calmed down. I gave up unnecessary business duties, that were just taking my time –  and took more time for me, for rest, for being with her and son. I became calmer, accepted, felt safe and so in the right place. No, it was not just a dream, the best possible dream became my reality. 

Thank you, I just can not express how grateful I am that I met you, and grateful for my decision to work with you.  I was so hanging between yes and no, trying to persuade myself that I do not need this. Now I can’t even imagine anymore living as the old version of me. Thank you! 

Tadej, entrepreneur

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